Auramist + EG Industries Pair Up to Develop New Culer Unit

IMG_3695 The Culer is a new consumer product co-developed by Auramist and EG Industries. A single-fan and double-fan model is available utilizing common components to keep pricing competitive. Historically, Auramist, which holds the patent on the unique fine mist atomizing nozzle design, performed all manufacturing and assembly overseas, and marketed primarily to industrial consumers.

The Culer is a Made-in-America product thanks in large part to the innovation and active participation of EG Industries. Our core development and launch team includes Brad Fallot, Mitch Lizut, Mark Kirby, Jim Vincent, and Yadon Longmire, with help from many others.

Being a complex product, the Culer program has provided a wealth of challenges and learning opportunities for the team involved. The Culer program includes 21 injection molds that produce 24 unique parts (not including color variations), multiple resins, 47 unique purchased components (55 percent of the purchased component part numbers are sourced to low cost country suppliers), 17 unique tube cuts (various lengths, colors, and diameters), 130 total components in Culer I, and 186 total components on the Culer II.

Processes include multiple unscrewing molds, thermal staking, vibration welding, drilling, threaded and torque controlled assembly, programmed tube cutting, leak testing, pressure and flow testing, and function testing. For validation testing, we built PLC controlled physical cycle testing equipment to confirm that durability expectations were met or exceeded.

Our initial retail customer, Frontgate, started marketing the Culer at the end of February, and has received our initial production shipment. Auramist is actively marketing to additional retailers and sales volumes are expected to increase.

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