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MPack Systems to Partner with EGI Subsidiary eNNOVEA

July 31, 2013

The innovative packaging company, Mpack Systems, announced today a new affiliation with Ernie Green Industries (EGI) subsidiary eNNOVEA. The deal will include purchasing equity and providing a range of services to further create cost competitive products, and increase the sales and marketing efforts of Mpack Systems. The company sells a unique series of innovative packaging solutions to help pharmacies and mail order drug fulfillment centers operate more efficiently while enhancing patient safety and adherence.

“We are delighted to have EGI as a new partner and believe it will contribute to the future success of Mpack Systems,” William Negrini, President of Mpack Systems stated. EGI and its subsidiary eNNOVEA is a major manufacturer with 10 locations throughout North America with considerable design, manufacturing, and sales expertise.

As a result of the investment EGI will own approximately 30% of the company. Utilizing the collective capability of both companies, the new affiliation will provide a one team approach to support existing as well as newly developed products and customer requirements.

“The affiliation with Mpack Systems supports our strategy to bring innovative technologies to the health care industry” said Larry Jutte, President of EGI. The EGI subsidiary eNNOVEA provides product development through production and market support with their proprietary e7 process for many companies in the health care industry.


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