EGI’s Ormond team awarded GM supplier quality excellence award

EGI is proud to announce that its FPE  Ormond Beach facility has been awarded The GM Supplier Quality award for a second year in a row. The award is given to specific supplier locations and only GM’s top-performing suppliers are eligible to receive it. According to GM, “suppliers who receive this award have met or exceeded a stringent set of quality performance criteria and have achieved the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.” The award recognizes approximately 7 percent of product suppliers – those who have demonstrated the highest levels of quality performance over the previous 12 months. Congratulations to FPE Ormond Beach for this outstanding achievement!

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EGI’s Austell, GA team achieves safety milestones


AUSTELL, GA – August 5, 2014

EGI’s Austell  facility recently achieved One year without a recordable or lost time injury. Mike Mitchell, Plant Manufacturing Manager of Austell explains what it takes to reach a safety milestone. “Safety Milestones are reached through ongoing communication and constant safety practices”. He also states that “an associate is the Number One asset of any company and it is important that they have a safe environment to work in every day.”

Achieving Safety Milestones is a goal every facility strives to obtain. Mitchell’s advice on how to reach these goals include; holding weekly and monthly Safety Communication meetings, completing safety checklists and internal safety audits, and finally if an issue does present itself, to shut down the workstation until the issue has been corrected.

Achieving Safety Milestones is a great accomplishment. EGI embraces safe practices and policies, and works hard to ensure that working conditions meet or exceed industry standards.

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EGI’s eNNOVEA Division adds clean room packaging for its growing medical sales

EGI's eNNOVEA adds clean room packagingASHEBORO, NC – July 22, 2014

EGI’s eNNOVEA  division recently added a MC5-Digital drive Multivac R240 packaging machine to one of its six existing clean rooms. This versatile and cost-effective packaging system will provide increased speed and reliability on the production floor.

The Multivac has a full transfer traversing coder and printer, along with an automatic cutting system that produces precisely sealed and easy-to-open packaging that is ideal for medical supplies and devices.

“With the addition of high speed packaging, this capability has directly contributed to three new customers with a combined total business potential of $6 million in sales” states Vic Wisser, Business Unit Manager for eNNOVEA.

eNNOVEA is a wholly owned subsidiary of EGI, Inc. and presently operates seven facilities located in Atlanta, GA, Erie, PA as well as North Carolina. The addition of high speed packaging rounds out their clean room molding and assembly operations, with only contract distribution to come.

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A Pioneer in Manufacturing the Future: Ernie Green Industries

EGI’s subsidiary, eNNOVEA’s North Carolina Location;
CLASS 100,000 Clean Room with Fully Automated Production Cell

With this new revival of the U.S. manufacturing sector, the industry is learning to embrace newer technologies and innovative processes and products to keep ahead of the competition and keep manufacturing production grounded on U.S. soil. One such company, Ernie Green Industries (EGI), is taking initiative to gain an edge on competition by doing just that. EGI, since 1981, has been manufacturing high quality products and parts. Offering the industry’s most disciplined design, engineering and manufacturing production process that now transcends across a plethora of industries including: medical, automotive, energy and life sciences. EGI is continuing to diversify its portfolio with endeavors into new disruptive technologies, including this past summer’s investment in MPack.

EGI is assisting MPack in tool design, resin selection, manufacturing & distribution, as well as redesign of its new flat shaped pill bottles. These new bottles will revolutionize the pharmacy to patient experience as the MPack flat bottle surface supports QR codes for documented video pharmacy consulting, store promotions, automatic reorders and even medication dosage reminders. In addition, MPack’s 3-sided flat surface pill bottle allows nearly twice the label space, putting more critical information into the hands of the patient.

EGI also recently announced its partnership with Auramist, whose new product lineup will include high performance portable cooling fans positioned for distribution throughout major retail chains. EGI will be assisting in research and development, product design, manufacturing and distribution of this product.

EGI’s specialties lie within plastic injection molding, plastic chrome plating, painting, assembly, as well as R & D and program management. However, more importantly, EGI’s commitment to provide innovative solutions has set them apart from the more traditional manufacturing role. They accomplish this through a solid vision and core principles that trickle down into every aspect of the company; from R&D, to the technicians on the production floor, everyone and everything within the EGI footprint encompasses these core principles.

EGI is standing at the frontier of a new kind of manufacturing industry not previously engaged in the U.S., one that brings forth not only the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies, but incorporates a talented and diverse workforce and invests in product ideas that have the potential to change the world. EGI is making waves and rocking the concept of traditional manufacturing through its ingenious efforts to offer globally competitive manufacturing, locally.

(article featured in Manufacturing Mart December 10, 2013 Newsletter

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MPack Systems To Partner With EGI Subsidiary eNNOVEA

July 31, 2013

The innovative packaging company, Mpack Systems, announced today a new affiliation with Ernie Green Industries (EGI) subsidiary eNNOVEA. The deal will include purchasing equity and providing a range of services to further create cost competitive products, and increase the sales and marketing efforts of Mpack Systems. The company sells a unique series of innovative packaging solutions to help pharmacies and mail order drug fulfillment centers operate more efficiently while enhancing patient safety and adherence.

“We are delighted to have EGI as a new partner and believe it will contribute to the future success of Mpack Systems,” William Negrini, President of Mpack Systems stated. EGI and its subsidiary eNNOVEA is a major manufacturer with 10 locations throughout North America with considerable design, manufacturing, and sales expertise.

As a result of the investment EGI will own approximately 30% of the company. Utilizing the collective capability of both companies, the new affiliation will provide a one team approach to support existing as well as newly developed products and customer requirements.

“The affiliation with Mpack Systems supports our strategy to bring innovative technologies to the health care industry” said Larry Jutte, President of EGI. The EGI subsidiary eNNOVEA provides product development through production and market support with their proprietary e7 process for many companies in the health care industry.

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